Yemeni Diamond Hash Brisbane

$17.00Per Gram


Yemeni Diamond Hash Brisbane

Buy Yemeni Diamond Hash Brisbane Online. Yemeni Diamond Cannabis Hash is a hash variant that is native to the rugged mountain ranges that lay between Yemen and the Saudi Arabia frontier.

This imported gem comes from a region where the hash is treated sacredly and is cherished for its recreational, medicinal, and therapeutic properties.

The Weed Strains native to the Yemeni and Saudi Arabian frontier are known for developing larger, thicker blankets of THC trichomes to protect themselves from the harsh, rugged climate of the Yemeni mountain ranges.

These higher concentration THC Marijuana strains make for a more treasured hash. The Yemeni cultivars also allow for proper curing time and flavor adjustment, resulting in a smooth, yet potent smoke.

Yemeni Diamond Hash is known for its earthy base notes and woody, spicy and musky undertones with a subtle sweetness on the exhale.